MassBays Tools for Environmental Monitoring Programs

We've built and use several tools to help us at each stage of a project.

Project Planning

AquaQAPP is a web-based application that generates tailored Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) for marine and freshwater water quality and benthic monitoring efforts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is intended to assist volunteer monitoring programs in collecting quality-assured data.

Data Collection & Management

The iSeaGrass web app is a tool for citizen scientists to collect data on eelgrass presence and condition. The app provides a user guide for collecting data, including instructions on how to start a new trip and record data on presence/absence, percent cover, sediment, and individual shoot measurements.

Data QC, Analysis, and WQX Archiving

MassWateR is a robust R-based package developed for analyzing and organizing surface water monitoring data collected by watershed associations and community science groups. The objective of the package is to automate and streamline quality control and exploratory analysis of data, and to format data for upload to the national Water Quality Portal via EPA’s Water Quality Exchange (WQX).


The Ecohealth Tracking Tool is a gateway for the public, scientists, and policy makers to access information about coastal habitats, the water quality conditions that sustain healthy habitats, and the many benefits these habitats provide. You'll find data for the entire MassBays region, as well as your favorite beach, salt marsh, or estuary.

Updated tool coming soon!