About massbays

MassBays is one of 28 National Estuary Programs (NEPs) under Section 320 of the Clean Water Act. Our study area extends from Salisbury on the New Hampshire border to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod, stretching along 1100 miles of coastline.

We envision a network of healthy and resilient estuaries, sustainable ecosystems that support life and communities dependent upon them.

Our mission is to empower 50 coastal communities to protect, restore, and enhance their coastal habitats. To do this, MassBays engages local, state, and federal entities to advance the use of scientific information and provide technical support for better decision making.

MassBays is a Center in the School for the Environment at University of Massachusetts Boston. While our work is non-regulatory, MassBays maintains close partnerships with state agencies as we support and carry out <applied research> to inform effective policy. We also develop tools and programs that increase capacity among municipal and nonprofit partners. Our five Regional Service Providers provide local technical assistance to communities with whom they have forged close relationships.

This story map provides a peek at some of the work MassBays does as part of the National Estuary Program.

Our Annual Work Plan (320 work plan and BIL work plan) provides detailed descriptions of projects planned and underway across the Bays.