Our Mission

The mission of the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Partnership is to empower 50 coastal communities to protect, restore, and enhance their coastal habitats. To fulfill this mission, MassBays engages local, state, and federal entities to advance the use of scientific information and provide technical support for better decision making.

A Blueprint for the Bays

2023 CCMP Cover

The 10-year Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan is a blueprint outlining suitable strategies to address current and emerging issues impacting the Bays, and to guide our steps to conserve and restore the natural resources of the MassBays estuaries and watersheds through 2023.

This document was prepared in collaboration with our partners and with input from our communities across the MassBays study area.

Three companion documents that help administer the strategy include:

  • A Science Plan (includes monitoring and research)
  • A Financial Plan
  • A Communications Plan

These documents will be available in 2023-2024.


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Current issue:  February 6, 2024 (Volume 21 Issue 1)