About the Bays

To realize MassBays’ vision – a network of healthy and resilient estuaries, sustainable ecosystems that support life and communities dependent upon them – we have assembled data and assessments for everyone interested in helping to improve and protect our coastal habitats.

Characterizing the Bays allows MassBays to develop projects that are specific to the unique conditions in our 44 estuaries. 

Information about Habitats in the Bays and threats to their health helps MassBays take action to improve conditions.

Planning for the Bays is not only in the purview of MassBays (see our Blueprint for the Bays), but 50 coastal municipalities, local watershed groups, state and federal agencies, and regional planning organizations.

To measure progress toward habitat goals, MassBays is Tracking Conditions in the Bays, drawing from many efforts already underway, and investigating ways to collect new data.