Regional Coordinators and Local Governance Committees

MassBays includes 50 communities across its study area. In order to enhance its relationship and support to these local communities, MassBays partners with five Regional Service Providers that host the MassBays Regional Coordinators. Embedded in their respective regions, they work with Local Governance Committees to identify regional priorities that are included in the MassBays’ <Annual Workplan>. Day-to-day, the Regional Coordinators respond to local needs, convene stakeholders and decision makers, provide technical and hands-on assistance, and conduct education and outreach to engage volunteers and inform community members about the importance of coastal ecosystems. 

Meet our five Regional Coordinators 

Hanna Mogensen, Upper North Shore Regional Coordinator
Merrimack Valley Planning Commission

Hanna serves as the Upper North Shore Regional Coordinator wand is based at the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC).  In her dual role Hanna supports a number of initiatives including water resource management, stormwater assessment and mitigation, coastal and estuarine habitat assessment and restoration, open space and recreation planning, and hazard mitigation planning. Importantly Hanna works to facilitate collaboration and promote protection of critical habitats and sustainable use of natural resources across the Upper North Shore. Before joining MassBays, Hanna worked with many coastal communities in the region, first as a research technician supporting the Hurricane Sandy Resiliency Grant in the Great Marsh, and then as the Chief Program Officer at Terracorps, a non-profit environmental organization based in Lowell.  Hanna is reading for an MS in Marine Biology from the University of New Hampshire, where her research is focused on studying microplastic presence within New England estuaries. Hanna lives in Topsfield with her partner and their two crazy pups! When not working, you can find her lost in the garden, mountain biking, swimming, backcountry skiing, or adventuring around the region.

Barbara Warren, Lower North Shore Regional Coordinator
Salem Sound Coastwatch

Barbara Warren is the MassBays National Estuary Regional Coordinator for the Lower North Shore.  She is also the Executive Director of Salem Sound Coastwatch, a non-profit organization based in Salem, MA. Over many years, Barbara has worked extensively with local municipalities on environmental issues on land and water. Her extensive knowledge of Salem Sound, as well as her intimate knowledge of the communities in her region and what makes them tick, make her one of the most sought-after partners, advisor, and speaker about the region. Her special areas of interest are climate resiliency and applying nature-based solutions for climate adaptation. Barbara holds a B.A. from Wellesley College, M.Ed. from Lesley University, and an M.S. in Environmental Science from Antioch College New England. She started her career in education and worked as a teacher, artist, and business owner before moving to the North Shore and discovering Salem Sound Coastwatch as a volunteer. The rest is history...

Diana Chin, Metro Boston Regional Coordinator
Northeastern University Marine Science Center

In 2023, Diana Chin became the MassBays Metro Boston Regional Coordinator. Diana is also an Associate Research Scientist at Northeastern University Marine Science Center. She previously worked as an environmental risk assessment consultant and completed her Ph.D. and postdoctoral research on mutually beneficial relationships between marine bivalve and seagrass species.  Her ongoing research interests include the application of plant-animal-sediment interaction research - and benthic ecology more broadly - toward coastal conservation resilience, fisheries, aquaculture, and habitat restoration goals. Diana convenes the Boston Harbor Ecosystem Network (BHEN), a group of stakeholders from various backgrounds who meet regularly to share knowledge about the environment and issues surrounding Boston Harbor. Diana is also working with partners to identify priorities for coastal health and protection in the region.

Sara Grady, South Shore Regional Coordinator
North and South Rivers Watershed Association

Sara P. Grady, Ph.D. is the MassBays South Shore Regional Coordinator and the scientist for the North and South Rivers Watershed Association (NSRWA) in Norwell, MA since 2005. Prior to that, she attended to Brown University where is obtained a Sc.B. in Aquatic Biology, followed by a Ph.D. in Biology from Boston University's Marine Program (Ph.D., Biology). Sara was also a key participant of Northeastern University's East/West Marine Biology Program (now Three Seas). Her areas of expertise include salt marsh ecology, wetland botany, marine invertebrate zoology (with a special soft spot for horseshoe crabs), and creatively and enthusiastically communicating science to the public. Every summer she recruits and trains interns and provides them with a glimpse of the beauty of our estuaries and the importance of the work she does in the region.

Jo Ann Muramoto, Cape Cod Regional Coordinator
Association to Preserve Cape Cod

Dr. Jo Ann Muramoto is MassBays Regional Coordinator for the Cape Cod Region. Jo Ann is also the Director of Science Programs at the Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC), the region’s leading nonprofit environmental organization, working for the adoption of laws, policies and programs that protect and enhance Cape Cod’s natural resources and quality of life.