Request for Responses – 2024 Healthy Estuaries Grant

PROPOSALS SOUGHT FOR: Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Partnership (MassBays), Center within the School for Environment at the University of Massachusetts Boston is soliciting proposals under the FY24 MassBays Healthy Estuaries Grant Program for projects that will advance the implementation of MassBays’ Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP). Through the Healthy Estuaries Grant Program, MassBays will provide funding and technical support to those working in near-shore waters and coastal communities from Salisbury to Provincetown. Eligible projects will:

1. Characterize estuarine, rocky intertidal, and beach habitats and biological communities.

2. Document the impacts of human and natural stressors on those systems.

3. Evaluate effectiveness of habitat restoration efforts already implemented.

4. Design and scope larger habitat and/or water quality restoration projects for subsequent state or federal funding, especially in underserved communities.

RFR document