MassBays Ecohealth Tracking Tool

A new interactive tool to track the health of our estuaries.

In August 2022, MassBays launched a new interactive tool to track estuary health. The new  Ecohealth Tracking Tool provides a gateway for the public, scientists, and policy makers to interact with coastal habitat and water quality data across the MassBays region. Users can check the status and trends of salt marshes, eelgrass meadows, tidal flats, and diadromous fish habitats. Within each embayment, users can track progress toward MassBays goals for each habitat type. In addition, water quality data are available from thousands of sampling stations, allowing users to find data (including bacteria, nutrients, temperature, and other parameters) from estuaries across the region. Water quality stations can be selected to view a time series of the data and to see if measurements are within healthy thresholds.